Haylee Mazzella "Baby Girl"
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Haylee & Bubba Swing
Haylee Loved "Bubbles,Bubbles"
Haylee's Tumbeling Act
Haylee & JoJo Playing Push
Haylee, Ray Ray & JoJo Playing 2004
Haylee's Christmas Play "Mary" 2005
Haylee taking Pics & Church 2004
Haylee Singing UR My Sunshine to Bubba 2004
Haylee Welcomes Bubba Home 2004
Haylee Feeding Bubba 1st food 2004
Haylee Saying The Pledge 2005
Haylee 2005
Haylee & Shelby in Pink Dance 2004
Haylee at the zoo with Dada and MeMaw- A great day!
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