Haylee Mazzella "Baby Girl"
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July 13, 2001 - Birth
Born to Sonya and Thomas Mazzella III, at East Jefferson Hospital  in Louisiana on July 13, 2001. Haylee Danyelle Mazzella was the most beautiful baby we had ever seen. From the moment she was born our hearts were filled with love and happiness.
2001- 2003 Care / Education

Haylee attended Crescent City Day care until she turned 2 years old.She was well cared for in a Christian atmosphere by some special ladies. Ms. Loretta, Ms. Joyce, Ms. Lisa. Ms. Carrie and Ms. Kitty. They sang songs with her, read Bible stories to her and made her comfortable at nap time. Then they made arts and craft, read Bible verses and got outside time, weather permitting. She was probably a little spoiled since I worked there and was good friends with all of these wonderful ladies. Ladies who helped to mold her into the gentle, loving and generous person she was.  

Baby Brother is Born

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I worried about Haylee’s reaction. However, to my surprise she was excited and ready to shop for baby things. She wanted to help decorate it’s room. I told her we would have to wait until we found out what it would be. Well she wanted a sister. That worried me. A few weeks down the line we found out it was a boy. I thought this would upset her but she was ecstatic. She even helped to pick out his name, big girl. She wanted to buy everything that was blue or a ball. She was my biggest fan and supporter during those 9 months. She was such a joy to be around it made me being so sick, not as bad. 

The day Thomas was born was not just exciting for the adults but also for one special little girl. She could hardly wait for him to arrive. When he did she wanted to kiss him all over but she was shy about holding him at first. She got over that fairly fast. She gave him a nickname “Bubba” and hers was “Sissy”. From then on that's what we called them both. I was so happy to see her love and joy shine out about her new brother. She sang, You are My Sunshine” to him in the hospital so he would remember her voice. 

As Thomas turned one and could be more mobile they became the best of friends. They played for hours in each others rooms. They ran, played chance, tackle, push-cars and made up games. I loved to watch them play together. I always felt so blessed that they loved each other so much and got along so well. Thomas asks for Sissy all the time. I don’t know what to say to him, how can I. I don’t understand any of this either. There is no purpose in this, no reason, so how to we ever understand it. We all endure but do not live, what kind of life is that for our family. She was the best of us all and brought out the best in us all, so why, why her?

2003-2004 Seven Oaks Academy
!st Year  in Red Dress                                                     
2nd Year in Pink Dress

Next Haylee attended The Seven Oaks Academy until she turned 4 years old. This was a great experience. Here they began to have actually mini class of Math, Science, Reading, Art, Dance, Gym and English. IT was just long enough to keep her attention and make her feel like learning was fun. That excited me, to see her want to learn what a gift they gave to my child. The teachers are exceptional and the director) Mrs. Joan) is phenomenal. Haylee’s first year she had Ms. Ethel and Ms. Shannon who were so gentle and caring. Always patient and giving to the children, they loved going to school which made it so easy for me to drop her off. They even helped me to potty train Haylee. We had begun at home and they helped a great deal by reinforcing the potty at school, they were a blessing and Haylee loved them always.

Her next year at seven oaks she moved up into a more school like environment. They still changed classes and did each section of work but they were expected to be learned in a more productive pass. Let’s say they got more challenged with each move. Haylee loved a challenge so she was again excited to go to school. She also met lots of new friends which she loved to have. And she loved her new teachers from day one. Ms. Amanda was great she said her hair reminded her of me, so I guess that gave her comfort. This class was more diligent but still fun. I found Haylee progresses well without feeling pressures. I believe this type of foundation is why she grew to love to learn not to dread it. I am thankful for their kindness to my daughter over the years she spent with them all. God Bless.
2005-2006 School Year

Pis-1st Day School. Homecoming Princess, Spring Pitures, Zoo Day

The next school Haylee attended was Crescent City Baptist/Christian School. She was 4 years old and excited about meeting her new teacher Mrs., Schayot. As the year began Hurricane Katrina rocked Louisiana and many other areas. We were put out of school for 6 weeks. But eventually we got back to work and our children back to school. Haylee had been a bit more traumatized by the event than I realized but Mrs. Schayot was definitely the teacher for her, she was patient, kind, knowledgeable and loving. Haylee learned so much in her class I could hardly believe it. The day she came home reading own her own and singing new songs about Jesus I knew I had her in the best school possible. She made some great friends and excelled academically. She loved to play with Evan, R.J., Layla, and Andre' the most. But she found a special place in her heart for some special playmates: Coach Kelly, Coach Steve, & Coach Neider. These were here grown up playmates, which she looked for everyday, their love, attention and compassion for her made her feel very special. I will always appreciate them for how they loved her unconditionally. Back to her learning, in fact this is where she learned to say a Bible verse for every letter of the alphabet. I was expressed and very proud of her, she loved school, she loved her teacher and her friends but most of all from this environment she learned to love the Lord and she did her part to spread his love with her own. Nothing else can compare. God Bless.


Haylee Danyelle Mazzella passed away on June 3, 2006 at the age of 4, due to a needless drowning. Here birthday was only a few weeks away. The day she was born was the greatest day of my life and the day she died was the worst (to hard for words to convey). This accident could have been prevented if the people whose care she was left in had simply done their job and paid attention. But now my family’s lives are forever shattered. Haylee was the one thing in my life that I felt was good and that I was able to help grow to be better than I ever was, she had a bright future. It was taken in an instant. Please cherish every moment you have with your children, tomorrow is never promised.

2006 Pre-K Class
Haylee's PreK Class Picture her first and only - I will always cheerish it.
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