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Trying to be happy for you on your birthday  / Shannon Clarke

Haylee. My biggest wish is to bring you back so you can celebrate your birthday with the people who love you most. Its hard imagining you as a 9 year old girl. I bet you would have been so pretty baby girl. Instead you are the most beautiful 4 year old angel there ever was or will be and that is the way it will be forever.

Haylee I hope your birthday in heaven is as good as your birthdays on earth. I bet Pop is spoiling you huh? Have a great time with all your angel friends. Look over Mommy Dada MeMaw Bubba and Shelby today. They miss you so much and so do I. Until I see you in heaven you live in my heart.

I love you more much and much more and that will never change. You are part of my life forever <3

Thinking of YOU & U'r angel 2-day!!  / Barbara^i^ Caroline S.
Will be thinking of YOU precious Haylee on Tuesday for U'r Birthday & MY thoughts will be with U'r family who ache to hold their precious girl!! My SWEET CAROLINE's 2nd Birthday is today....so I will visit YOU at U'r resting place while I am their for CAROLINE!!
Sonya / Kimberley Christensen (Friend)

Dearest Sonya

Although I did not know Haylee while she lived here on earth with her loving family like many others I have come to know her through the internet.

I cannot imagine your pain and I truly admire your strength as a human being a woman a daughter a sister an aunt a wife and a precious mother.

Haylee is safe in the arms of Jesus. It is you precious mother that suffers. It is for you that I pray for each day. Events gone by are the reasons my dear friend that you will go to Heaven. You are a very special person and God loves you dearly.


To A Special Princess who left too soon!  / Chloe
A Million Times You never said I'm leaving You never said good-bye You were gone before I knew it And only God knew why A million times we've needed you A million times we've cried. If love alone could've saved you You never would have died. In life we loved you dearly In death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place No one else will ever fill. It broke our hearts to lose you But you didn't go alone. Part of us went with you The day God took you home. We Miss and Love you more much Haylee girl! <3
Alone / Erin Calbon (none)

Purity once had a name
And beauty once had a face.
Life once had a meaning
And once I was safe.
Once there was freedom
And once I could laugh.
Happiness once was alive
And once I had another half.
Once I shared her love
Once I was by her side
Once I felt I fitted
So quickly that died.
Her grace so great
Her beauty so vast
All I ever wanted
Was for it to last.
Fate maybe had another plan
Or maybe she had another love
But it all fell apart
The hand too big for the glove.
Now it's all died away
Happiness joy love; all memories.
Now I walk alone in this dark dark world
With no light to guide my way.

tribute to a sweet angel who left us 4 years ago  / Emma Cassidy Luke And Jacod Machaud (None)
we luv you hayle danyelle mazzella- is the sweetest baby girl. on june 3rd 2010 my little sister ( cassidy) shes 4 swore she saw angel eyes in the sky and i said is that haylees eyes and she says yes. haylee i never knew you but it has been a dream of mine to meet a prescous sweet little angel like you. you left your family are forever shattered. I DIDNT WRITE THIS haylee- " we drew your name in crayon someone earsed we wrote name in the sand the waves washed it away and we wrote your name in your families heart and will never be forgotten- shannon beckons HAYLEE MAZZELLA------WHY???????? haylee why is it that you and your family have to suffer this pain everyday? why is it you that had to leave this earth? why cant bubba have any more rides on your PINK bike??? why cant your mommy tuck you in bed every night???? why is the sweetest little girl on earth gone? haylee danyelle mazzella who we love and miss
Haylee will never be forgotten!  / Jen Armstrong
I just watched a video on youtube about Haylee.  What a beautiful little girl she was - her smile and eyes simply stunning!  The particular video I watched told the story about her last day.  How exciting it must have been for her to gather with friends at a cookout.  I know my children get excited about things like that!  Oh how happy she must have been when her mommy let her have a few more minutes in the pool but oh how sad her mommy must have been to know she would never have a day like that again. 

I am so sorry for your loss.  I can't even begin to imagine how much you miss her or how much your heart aches but I want you to know that her face and her story is forever in my heart.  I have 3 little ones - boys 10 & 5 and a beautiful baby girl that is 7 months.  God has blessed me beyond belief.  I took so many years of my life for granted sulking at all the bad things in life rather than enjoying all the good and being thankful for what I had instead of angry for what I didn't.  I wasted so many years.  I am guilty of saying the wrong things to my kids for not loving them enough every minute of everyday for shouting at them in anger instead of pulling them close to me and holding them when I should have.  So many times I have forgotten just how precious they are but as I watch the smile in every picture of your precious Haylee I am reminded just how special my world of little people is.  I am reminded that the noise that gets on my nerves is something I should cherish because tomorrow could be silent.  I am reminded that the pitter patter stomps that run across my floor should sound like a lullaby to my ears because all too soon those pitter patters could be gone.

Thank you Haylee for watching over my 3 little ones and reminding their mommy to enjoy all the little things and even the annoying things they do.  They are so lucky to have an angel like you in their corner!
I can't breathe  / Emma S. (just someone who loves her )

I can't tell you why the sun shines
I can't explain the moonrise
I don't know why time flies by
But ask me and ill tell you why -


I'm blessed to have you in my life
I cant live another day without you by my side
Its gettin' harder and harder to breathe
So I'm beggin' you
Don't take her away from me

Ive known since i met you
You're an angel sent to me
I remember that when you looked in my eyes
I fell in love with your smile


& I can say - you help my heart beat every day
& I believe ill never be alone
You'll live in me...

Thankyou for sharing Haylee and allowing us to fall in love with her beauty.

I Love You Sonya & MeMaw  / Shelli (Family Friend )

Sonya and MeMaw

I just wanted to say how much I love you and am thinking of you all day every day.  I know you are suffering from an unimaginable nightmare that none of us can truly ever understand.  I can't help you and that devastates me.  My bond with you is set unfortunately in sorrow.  I choose to walk beside you -- though many miles away from you in body I am there right next to you in heart and soul.  I am always remembering and celebrating an angel named Haylee and there is a growing army of people all over the world who are united in their love for a sweet little girl they never even knew.  Your Baby Girl!  She resides in the forefront of so many people's hearts and minds and it as if they hold her up and carry her proudly through the world.  They refuse to let her die.  I refuse to let her die. 

How I wish I could do so much more for her than that!  But all I can do is to hold my head up proud about my love for the best little girl who ever lived.  It's like I want to stand by Haylee and be her protector and to be a voice of judgment against the person who caused her death.  I want to say "SHE - WAS - WORTH - A - FEW - MOMENTS - OF - YOUR - LIFE!!!"  I want everybody to see that to run to Haylee's defense and say "YES.  SHE IS WORTH THAT.  SHE IS WORTH EVERYTHING."  I so appreciate all the wonderful people who love Haylee and her family; I have never known a finer or more loving group of people & I love all of you very much.  I am proud of your love for Haylee and all of the things you do to publicly show it.  Each one of you matters so much.  I know that if something ever happened to me all of you would still be there to sit beside Haylee's family in the dark.  I trust all of you to be the best support system possible for her family.  Even though I carry the same kind of love for Haylee that you do your love for her amazes and awes me. 

Angela Stolz if you see this note we would like to send you a pink Haylee bracelet if you'd like to have one.  A bunch of us wear them in memory of Haylee and we never take them off.  Haylee's MeMaw buys them and I send them out so if will contact one of us by e-mail and tell us your mailing address we would be so happy to send you one.  My email is   itsmeshelli@hotmail.com


God Bless and Keep You all  / Teresa Bovia (friend)
Time has passed too quickly. I know you miss your Dad and Haylee - so do I !!! I had some time today to look at your videos and listings. Your Dad would be so proud of how you have let Jesus Christ show through and be the leader in all of your trials. I know those sound like just words but listening to your students it is clear you live what your daddy taught you and your love for Jesus is more than just words. We love you. Take care.
We Love You More Than Ever - 4th Angelversary  / Family Visit To Your Grave On (Your 4th Angelversary )

"A Thousand Words Can't Bring You Back
I Know Because I Tried
And Neither Can a Million Tears
I Know Because I Cried."
~Author Unknown

4 year Angelversary  / Kristie Hyde (4 ever friend of Mom & Dad )

Today marks 4 long years that you have been gone from our vision. I know you are still with us and your family but it never stops the heartache. You are so very special I cannot put it into words. I pray for your Mommy Daddy Bubba and MeMaw every night. I hope they can find peace one day.

My daughter Kaitlyn (7 yrs.) reads your site with me a lot and we talk about you in all of your pictures. Today on your 4 year angelversary she begged me to let her wear your pink bracelet. She is so proud to wear it! We went to church and lit a candle 4 you and she had to tell the ladies in there about the bracelet and about you. I love that and I know you would too! We all wore pink today your favorite color just for you today!

I hope you can look down and see how much you are loved and missed each and every day!! That is something that will never change. I will always have a place for you in my heart! Thank you for touching my life the way you do I am a better person for knowing you and your family. I will continue to miss you and pray for you forever!!

Love you always

Kristie Hyde

R.I.P. Sweet Angel  / Lisa
I couldn't help but notice this young beautiful girl under anniversaries while I was on the memorial site for a friend. I couldn't help but to read your story. my heart truly goes out to you and your family it was a tragic loss that brought tears to my eyes. your lil girl truly is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Mei her heart always be with you. God needed another angel and with Haylee's bright eyes she will always be the brightest star in the sky.
MY HEART WILL NEVER BE THE SAME  / Evamercedesz So So So Sad (lil friend )
JUNE 3rd 2006
JUNE 3rd 2010

4 years ago

Four years ago my great lil friend Haylee went to heaven. I can fell the silent inside me. I can fell the pain of my heart. I can fell all. My mind can think only about her. How I love her. I'm too sad because in this day I can't stay near her family. If I can today I'd sped all my time in her resting place to listen the voice of the angels.

Tonight I dreamd of you. I was in Luisiana and I waited your family. You were near me and you smiled to me. It seemed so real Haylee! You were with an old man. I  think he was Pop. You had your pig tails with pink ribbons and a jeans skirt with a jeans jacket sleevesless. I don't dream of you so much (unfortunately) but when It happens It's so beautiful and real!
I want you know how I miss you and how I love you too.
You changed my life and you filled my life too.
I'm sad because I also think you was in a good health and a good girl...so good. You deserved to live your life. I'm sure it could be an amazing life. I promise you I'll live my life in your honour. Everything I'll do I'll dedicate it to you. I want my life it's yours too. My heart will never be the same because now my heart it's yours too.

ur lil friend
Eva Mercedesz
who don't forget

4 years ago.....  / Angela Stolz (someone who's heart was captured )

Dear Sweet Haylee girl

You have touched the lives of so many people me being one of them. I have watched your video's over & over. I just can't seem to get enough. You just radiate sweetness.

Your family misses you so much. My heart breaks for them. You were the link that completed your family. I am hoping that your family will find some peace although I know it must be so very hard for them. You are so precious to them. Although I never had the chance to meet you I will never ever forget who you were. You will always be in my heart and thoughts.

I look at your pictures often all the pictures of your family video's and what a wonderful family you have. Its very easy to see why you are who you are. The love in your family and the values are who you are.

Haylee you are loved and cherished by so many people. That is your legacy. You are what we dream of being. Rest in peace in Gods paradise sweet baby girl.

4 years without the prettiest little angel  / Hayley Sutton (I love you more much! )

Haylee here it is 30 minutes until 12am. Officially Juni 3rd 2010. I cannot find the right words to say. Today i've done nothing but sit here and cry and cry. I want to scream and shout but i wouldn't do that because i know you wouldn't want anyone to be angry or sad. Of all the children that have passed people say "They were already an angel" well how come out of millions of people its only you that make huge differences on this world and on people? I believe you are the only angel i know. An ordinary little girl cannot touch somebodys life so much. But your not an ordinary little girl. Your an AMAZING little girl the most BEAUTIFUL little girl a special little soul you are Haylee. I couldn't send you balloons today as it wasn't windy & the balloons wouldnt fly up to you. Hopefully tomorrow they will fly up to you and you can catch them. There's 7 or 8 of them so have your hands ready to catch them all okay?. Candles will be lit for you also. Your pictures carried with me. Minute silences. We love you so much Haylee! the love for you is breathtakingly beautiful. I hope your 4 years up in heaven have been wonderful and you still continue dancing and digging for worms! I bet Pop is looking after you isnt he? your his little Tweety Bird remember :). Tomorrow is going to be so hard for everyone especially your loving Mommy Daddy and Memaw. Stay near them Haylee let them feel your love and warmth.


third june two thousand and ten  / Inês Costa (pink buddy )

3rd Juni 2010. It's true. another lonely year has passed us by. You know Haylee you're not only a "Baby Girl". You're not only a "child" or any other thing. What you are is beyond perfection beyond beuty beyong purity. And never in my life I've dreamt of "meeting" someone so magical. Never in my life I though there was a family as blessed as yours to have someone like YOU in their lives. You know Haylee if you 4 years ago you'd ask me if I could "fall in love" with a child I saw in internet I'd say NO for sure. That's just so out of mind like no one can ever think so. The true is that YOU came. And you touched me. And you changed me. And you made me who I am now. And somehow some sweet day you became part of me. I don't know how and why and for sure I could never have known it. But it's true and because of YOU I know what life is. You teached me all those lessons that are important for my everyday life. And you teached it well. You made me learn how fragile life is. And how fast it goes. That somehow in a blink of an eye you're here in a blink of another eye you're no more. And nothing can bring you back. And I guess that for 4 years I believed. I believed that someday you could come home. That we could hug you and tell you how much we love you and how much we missed you throughout time. You haven't yet come back home. And I just try to so hard to make my mind tell me you're not coming back that you're gone and that's forever. But then you're voice that angelical sound sings me a lullaby. And that lullaby I can hear is so pure and clean. And it tells me there's Hope to carry on. That we'll see you someday. That the "END" was NOT the end. That the "END" was just the biggest tragedy in your family's life but that's only for a short period of time. I hope your family will live many many many beutiful years even though they'll never be 100% good. But I know somehow that even if their lives are the longer ever possible they will be nothing compared to the time they'll have YOU there. Which will be for all eternetty. And in this lonely night I know that somewhere over the world in the USA there's a family grieving and I know how stupid I might be by writing this words to you but I just want to let you know how special you are to me. I can not put it in concrete words you know but I guess you understand me. I don't know what would be made of me if you were gone. If you dissapeared. And you might be asking "But Hey I'm gone. I dissapeared". Sweetie I'll tell you : You will NEVER BE GONE. Your HERE like no one ever was. Your precense has lit up SO many lives across the time. And it will continue to do year after year. And for someone so young for someone so small that is something so incredible. That even though you're in Heaven now and we cannot see you You're the most important angel for hundreds of lives. And Haylee for this 3rd Juni I only have one last thing to say :













Thinking of you always  / Hayley Sutton (Somebody whos loves Haylee more much! )
Haylee Girl today we had a rare hot day so i was in the garden playing with my 4 year old little sister. We was splashing about in the pool blowing bubbles jumping on the trampoline ect. & then it hit me. Juni 3rd musta been a hot day you having so much fun in your cute little bathing suit laughing playing in the pool. I started to cry & imagine that day so joyful but then it ended in the most horiffic tragic & heartbreaking ending. Then i had the urge to come inside(computer) & check on you. I just want to see how you are are you happy do you enjoy Heaven as much as you enjoyed Earth?. But i know i could never get those answers. I can only hope & wish you see all the love for you & you have the greatest time up in heaven a place were you can come to no harm pink filled parties dancing angels everything you truly deserve. I then went back into the garden & lay on the trampoline looking up to the beautiful bright sky i kept hoping to see a little glance of your sweet little face just to see you would be the most amazing thing. I blew some bubbles up to you did you catch them?. I love you always Haylee nobody has ever touched me like you have done. Your so so so amazing. I love you so much more much infact! I will forever hold you in my heart. Have a magical time playing in heaven.

Love always

Hayley xxx
Dying Inside  / Carlota
Something so hard
goes straight to the soul;
it seems impossible to get over
and my heart is left with a big hole.

I'm trying to be happy wearing a smile;
but I'm dying inside.
The world seems to be fading
and I just want to run and hide.

Everywhere I go I see your face
and realize how much I miss you;
and on the day you died
a piece of me died too.
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