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my sympathy  / Rachel~ Lincoln's Mommy
i am so sorry for your loss. i too have lost my little girl. she was 3 and beautiful. your little haylee is so gorgeous and imagine how she looks in heaven. i know the pain. i have not yet gotten through mine, but we can all do it together. this site has really helped me. come join our forum sometime. we talk about anything and everything. love, prayers, and may God bless you and yours all the days of your life.
lincoln's mommy
Deeply saddened  / Dan Collins (fiend of a cousin )
I never met her but I know her family in Houston.  Life is so difficult.  I weep with you.  Rest in God's arms Haylee.
To beautiful Haylee  / LaRaine Mom To Angel Cynthia Hernandez (Passerby)
You are such a beautiful Lil Angel in heaven, walking the streets of gold with Jesus. You are among all of the beautiful Angels and especially with our Lord. God Bless you Haylee & your family that misses & loves you so much....

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Praying for you  / Chris &. MaryBeth Bando
Dear Sonya, Thomas and Bonnie:  I am so sorry over your loss of your precious girl.  Our hearts grieve with yours.  Please know we will be praying for your family daily and we still are praying for Bonnie and thanking the Lord for dear Buford and his love as a pastor. 

If there is anything we can do, please let us know.  Someday we will all be reunited with no more tears.

You are loved and will be lifted up before our Father's throne

The Bando's
Sad / Sulaymaan Qureshi (Nothing)
I pray God gives her paradise and joins you with her in paradise arms opened. God willing From a Muslim who feels your pain.
A Poem for Haylee (The Story Of Haylee Mazzella)  / Sydna (Admirer)
Recently in my Language Arts (English) Class at school, we have been working on different types of poetry. Most recently we worked on a form of poem called a Quatrain. Originally I started this poem for myself, but then I showed it to a friend and my teacher, and ended up doing it for class. I wrote this poem for Haylee straight from the heart, and I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it. (3/9/16) Once there was a little girl, With eyes so sparkling blue, But then there was a promise broken, And up to Heaven she flew. She always loved the hot weather, And was born in the middle of Summer, July was always a fun month for her, And when she died it was quite a bummer. She had a cousin named Shelby, They were five months apart, They loved each other so so much, The two were best friends from the start. She also had a cousin named Rachel, Whom she nicknamed "Ray-Ray", And though the girls were nine years apart, They always made each other's day. And there was one more cousin named Joseph, Whom she nicknamed "Jo-Jo", He loved to write and sing songs, Oh how he misses her so. She had an Uncle Robbie, He was a firefighter, She loved to visit the fire station, Sometimes he was the driver. She also had an Uncle Rusty, Although she called him "Unk", They always had fun together, And when she passed his heart sunk. Her Aunt's name was Sherry, Sherry always took photographs, She and her niece had a special bond, It hurts to look back. Her Mommy's name was Sonya, She loved her Baby Girl, But then her daughter was taken away, And never again would twirl. Her Daddy's name was Tommy, His daughter was his life, And now he never sees her, The pain hits him like a knife. She had a little brother named Thomas, "Bubba" she would call him, They would play for hours, Until things turned grim. Her Grandma's name was MeMaw, The Cajun word for Grandmother, She was her MeMaw's sunshine, And so was her brother. She had a Grandpa named Pop, They knew each other for a short time, He used to call her "Tweety Bird", They were both really kind. She had a puppy named Saydee, She always gave her doggy hugs, They loved to go on car rides, The two were never bugged. The little girl loved dinosaurs, Ones of every shape, size, and color, Land Before Time was her favorite, There was so much to discover. She always wore hair ribbons, And loved the color Pink, That was what she loved to wear, She didn't even have to think. So now you know about Haylee, I wish I could say more, But because of drowning and neglect, She will stay forever four. <3 In Loving Memory of Haylee Danyelle Mazzella, July 13th, 2001 - June 3rd, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving dear Haylee 🍗  / Syd (Touched person )
Happy Thanksgiving 2015 in heaven sweet girl! I hope your are having a wonderful Thanksgiving in heaven with Pop and all your angel friends! I love you Baby Girl! #ImThankfulFor Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
note for Haylee/her family  / Sydna ((supporter))
Haylee is truly a special little girl. I have heard sad stories about young children dieing, and of course I feel bad, but none of those touched me like Haylee's did. It's truly amazing. This little girl has touched the lives of MILLIONS, and that is incredible. I you and Pop and all the other angels in Heaven are doing good, Haylee. You are missed.
Happy Birthday Haylee Girl  / Kira (none)
Happy Birthday Haylee Girl you should be here celebrating with your family & Friends  you should be twirling with Shelby while MeMaw calls you Darling and chewing gum opening presents from Mummy & MeMaw & your family you should be standing in front of a birthday cake while your Family & Friends sing Happy Birthday you should be 13 year old please help your family through this day send hugs and kisses down to them darling i will be thinking of you all day today as i do every single day i can't wait to meet in heaven soon one sweet day save room for me in heaven love you more much always haylee girl
can't believe 8 years have passed  / Kira (none)
baby girl i can't believe 8 years have passed since your horrible death i love you every single day passing and your forever on my mind i am always thinking of you have changed my life in so many ways i am a better person now as i was before your family are in my prayers everyday you are so beautiful your big blue eyes and bloude hair i still find it hard to understand that you are gone but not forgotten i can't wait to meet you in heaven one sweet day sweetie but for now watch over your family and friends let bubba know his sissy is still with him love you more much more baby girl :-(
To Sonya and Haylee family  / Kira (None)
Hi Sonya so sorry for your loss she is so beautiful I know my words won't bring her back but I hope you will find peace someday it's not fair she is gone at such a young age thinking of you and your family forever
To Haylee  / Christine, Luke's Mom Ross
Thinking of you Haylee. Please give Luke a hug for me. Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001 May the force be with you..... christineross01@msn.com LucasChristopherRoss.net
WHY GOD WHY COULDN'T SHE JUST STAY  / Kira (None by I love her )
Why god why is not playing with her family WHY GOD why is she not sitting at the table eating with her family why god why is she not going outside to dig for worms and catching lizards WHY GOD WHY is she not playing with her brother bubba why god why is she not BREATHING anymore why god why is she not wearing ribbon is in sweet blonde hair why god why can't her family talk or hold her or kiss her sweet baby cheek WHY GOD WHY ALL I ASK IS WHY SHE NOT HERE ANYMORE I can not Beileve the STEPNAN let her drown all alone and scared ..... Dear Haylee don't worry baby girl I won't ever forget you darling you have changed my life forever baby girl your on my mind all day long I love you Haylee girl so much pink pretty princess
I love you Sweet Angel Haylee baby girl  / Kira (None but I love her )
I love you .. In the morning .. In the Afteroon .. In the evening .. All the time
A Birthday Letter for Haylee Danyelle Mazzella  / Grace Argentieri
1 stands 4 the 1st moment that the world saw her. 2 stands 4 her 2nd birthday, when she got a four-wheeler tricycle from her cool Memaw. 3 was when she gained a brother, Bubba. 4 was when she first started school. 5, was her first year that she celebrated her birthday up in heaven with her loving Pop, 6, was when she should have gone into 1st grade, 7, at this age, she could have been hangin out with Bubba. 8, Shelby brought a Balloon 2 her gravesite. 9, 4 years gone 2 long. 10 = DOUBLE DIGITS!!! Such a big girl!!!!!!! 11= 6 years gone 2 long. It has been 7 long, terrible and difficult without U here in this world Haylee. We long and endure 4 U with each & every breath & step we take. Love 4ever & 15 years. Love U more much! Grace
Haylee / Harriet Little (None but I admire her )
Haylee, I wish you hadn't had to die like that you poor sweet angel. You should have had a long life so you could keep lighting up the world. It's a sad empty place without bright sparks like you here. A perfect little light has gone out, I'll miss you Haylee you're beautiful. Don't forget that everyone loves you and you live on in their hearts xx
Haylee the angel  / Tiffany Ransdell (None)
I am so very sorry for your loss. I am an angel mommy too however I lost my child through miscarriage. I have two children and my almost 3 yr old daughter is the pink in my life. I read every birthday angelversary post and it tore at my heart. That is something you never fully heal from and I kno all the what ifs you must do. We never know why life is taken at such a young age and I know that your angry and you have to believe she is with you. She is, in every thought, dream.. It's her. Prayers and love, hug that little boy tight and peace be with you.
I Love You So Much Sweetheart Baby Girl  / Kira (None But I Love Her )
Hey Haylee Girl I Love You So Much Princess Mwah <3 <3
Save me a house in heaven!! :) :)  / Grace :. I. LOVE YOU!!!!! Haylee I.love You!!!!!!!!!
Dear sweet Baby Haylee, I'm trying soo sooo hard 2 not be sad on how & why you died, but on how and why you lived. I'm happy that you lived 4 almost 5 beautiful & wonderful years. But I'm angry that, you'll never get 2 graduate or go 2 college. I hope my mom-mom, poppy and me-me are taking very good care of you up there, and I hope they're spoiling you, but not 2 much. :) Until then, I can only try 2 love life & live the way like you did. Save me a house or room in heaven, okay Baby Girl?! I love you more much baby!!!!!
You deserved sooooooo much more Babe!! I love you!  / Grace :. I. LOVE YOU!!!!! I.love You!!! Ur.special! (Soul Sistah )
Hey Baby girl, it's Grace again. I don't why understand why your step grandma couldn't just watch your 10 simple minutes . I'm almost 15 yrs. Old & I wattch 5 out of 8 kids almost every Friday & sometimes every Saturday took. I have 2 go now because there's a really bad thunderstorm and possibly some tornadoes coming my way in new Jersey. Please keep me safe Haylee, I'm not used to this, its usually sunny here.okay I gotta go I love you sweetie girl!!!!!!! I miss you. pretty butterfly :) :)
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