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Why God Why???????? Why couldnt she stay?!?!?!?!?!  / Grace Argentieri ((None, but i love her!!!) )
On this day, seven some years ago, Earth's princess had to say goodbye to us here on Earth. This princess had her time to smile, to laugh, to cry (she NEVER did that though :) This princess had some time 2 dance, 2play with Shelby, Bubba, Jojo's, and her Ray -Ray. To eat dinosaur chicken nuggets, to twirl and play with Littlefoot. But sadly, the princess had to go. She needed to go be with her prince. (POP) So the sweet, sweet princess cant play with Shelby or chew gum anymore. She just says in that sweet, patient little voice, :Hey, I 'm okay, it will be alright guys. I'll see you soon :) I love you more much!!! And so the beautifully gorgeous princess twirled and twirled away.
Poem for Sonya, MeMaw, & Haylee - 6/3/13  / Shelli Stuart (Family Friend )

Haylee's Flowers

with love from Shelli
for her 7th Angelversary
Also for Sonya & MeMaw <3

Flowers graced the table
at my bedside where I lay
A reward for the sweet bundle
who took her first breath that day

She smiled a toothless grin at me
when I taught her something new
to stop and smell the flowers
in our planter where they grew

A handful of the brightest blooms
held tightly in her fist
wished me a happy Mother's Day
delivered with a kiss

She was a lovely flower girl
when her cousin wed his love
she scattered sweet pink petals
from a hand clad in white glove

A big bouquet of roses
delivered to my sweet
after she took her first curtsy
with ballet shoes on her feet

Flowers are what she should get
on graduation day
and maybe from her sweetheart
if we ever let her date

Maybe then, just maybe
far down along the way
she'd carry them excitedly
in her bridal bouquet

On a dark day in my memory
flowers surround her head
as she lay so still and silent
in a cold and wooden bed

How can it be that she lies still
while flowers thrive and grow
around her tiny headstone
as she lay six feet below?

Flowers marked the milestones
of my daughter's days and years
I never thought I'd water them
with the sorrow of my tears

The sweetest smelling flower
that ever did exist
was a tiny girl named Haylee
who I'll always love and miss

Between the pages of a book
Haylee's flowers are tucked inside
but though they can no longer grow
somehow they have not died

The flowers' beauty did not fade
though hidden from the light
and Haylee's loveliness still shines
so pure and true and bright



7 Years  / Kira (None But I Care )
Hi Haylee Girl Today Make 7 Years That You Have Been Gone From Your Family & Friends I Know I Never Meet You But I MISS You I Still Remember The DAY You Changed My Life FOREVER And Made Me A New Person I Have A Safe Place For You In My Heart For You Are The First Person I Think Of When I Wake Up And The Last Person When I Go To Sleep I Love You So Much Haylee Girl Thank You Changing Me And Making Me A Better People I Love You More Much And Much More See You In Heaven One Day Pretty Girl :-(
7 Years  / Tara For Haylee (Inspired By Haylee )
Our sweet Haylee girl, seven whole years have passed...I miss you. I love you. You are my hero, my inspiration for everything. I love you to the moon and back, my little angel girl. When we meet in Heaven,I will give you a big hug<3 Love u!
To Sonya, Thomas, Bubba and MeMaw  / Sophie Jeffries
Haylee left this Earth loved, even though she's in Heaven playing with the other Angels, she will never forget you, sometimes I can imagine Haylee leaning over a white puffy cloud and watching down on you and keeping you safe. If you ever think that Haylee's life way too short, always remember the longest life is she shortest and the shortest life is the longest. Haylee will always be remembered for her beauty, kindness and bravery. Everyone thinks of Haylee everyday and never forgets your Baby Girl. Love You Love You Haylee
Well it's almost here :( :)  / Grace Argentieri (Starnger turned Friend forever )

Hey Baby, thank you sooo much for helping me throughout this whole school year! WOW OH WOW!!! I can't believe that I made it this far. I am exteremly scared of high school!! I'm jst afraid that i won't make the volleyball team or anything (Thankfully though, I'm excersicing each day by, stretching, doing pushaways, working my legs out until they are like noodles, etc, etc., trying to eat healthy,or at least semi-healthy!!!) But can you give me the courage, bravery, love and strength to do my best each and every day, to stand up for what I believe in and love God, and Jesus no matter what.

I cant even believe that your angelversary is almost here!!!  It has been soooo long since we have last seen you Baby Girl!!!!!

It's not fair! We want to do your hair, to tie it up into sweet hair bows, and hair ribbons! We want to drink orange drinks with you, to chew gum with you, to eat chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs and eat chinese food with you! We need to hold you and to love you. But sadly, liffe doesn't work out that way, and we just have to wait a little longer until the sweetest day in history, wen we can all see each other again one day.

On the day of your seventh angelversary, (WOW!!! SEVEN YEARS!!!???) I will wear as much pink as my school uniform will allow it, (PINK earings, a Pink areopostale jacket, and a big pink hair bow to finish it off! :) ) Throughout that whole week, i will wear pink or make two ponytails in my hair. On the thursday night of that week, it is my 8th grade dinner dance, where all the 8th graders go to our local country club, eat amazing food, and dance ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!! Well, my favorite color is also pink, like yours is pink, and I bought a GORGEOUS pink dress, earings, and now all we need to do is buy the shoess! Hopefully, my mom and i can get them before the dance (Just 2 weeks away!!!!) I hope that your sspirit, my Mom-Mom's spirit, Jesus's spirit, and your beloved Pop's spirt will be with me that night, dancing and twirling away and away. I'll try not to be too sad on that week but hopefully HAPPY! beause in the following two days, i will be down the shore for the whole day for a Girl Scout function, and on Monday June 10th, I will be graduating from middle school!!!!, and then on to high school!!! I have to go now Baby, but say hi to everyone in Heaven for me, okay. (Espicially my mom-mom and jesus!!! :) :) I love you sweetie girl!!!! Love and dancing, Grace Argentieri eighth, soon to be ninth grader

Love you...  / InΓͺs Carrola (Love you )
I hope spring has come to Heaven and you get to see all the flowers blossom. You are beautiful. You are our angel and we'll never forget you. You've made our lives so much brighter. miss you xoxoI
IT'S XMAS IN HEAVEN TOO  / Eva Mercedesz (Haylee is my angel )


Rest in Peace Haylee Girl  / Kira
Dear Mrs Mazzella I'm so sorry for your lost she a beautiful child and now she a beautiful Angel She Has Forever Charged Me and I Forever Thanks Her Thanks For Showing Her Beauty Kira x
Rest in Peace, Haylee  / Nikki

Dear Mrs. Mazzella,

My name is Nikki. I am 19 years old, from Ireland.

I know there are no adequate words in any language that I could use to describe how sorry I am for your loss. I never knew you or Haylee, but looking at this site, and the wonderful memories you have shared with us, I can tell that she was the most beautiful little girl. A real angel.

Haylee's beauty radiates inside and out. Her story really touched my heart. I have two of the most beautiful, special baby sisters, aged 6 and 3, who I love more than anything in this world. Haylee's story taught me how important it is to love with all your heart, to cherish every moment you have with those close to you. It taught me that life is too short to do anything but smile, laugh and be happy. To love those who love you. Haylee was, and still is, an inspiration.

Even though I never knew Haylee, she has really touched my heart, and made me want to be a better person. I know she's a beautiful angel in Heaven now, taking care of you and your family, and that God is there looking after her.

Rest in Peace, Haylee. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Heaven playing with the angels. <3

Kind Regards,






WE LOVE U MORE MUCH!! :)  / Grace Argentieri (Soul Sister )
Hey Haylee I came across one of ShelliStuart's videos bout you. I just wanna say that I'm going into eigth grade and I'd just like a small small favor would you Jesus pop and my momom help me through these tough months to be like you & Jesus? I mean like love life like you did & just be sweet to every1 cuz you were just THE sweetest baby girl evert and I really admire that. I just want you to help me to be just as sweet as you were. I also want to tell you that I'm praying for you mommy memaw dada bubba Shelby aunt sherry ink uncle Robbie carly saydee shelbys mamma your mommy's students at school and jojo and Rachel very much. I hope I'm making you proud :) we love you more much!!
I can't imagine  / Kira Atkinson (None)
I'm so sorry for your lost of your baby girl I can't imagine your pain and heart aches or all these thing she is so beautiful I'm thinking of you and your family alway she is so beautiful her beauty break my heart and put me in tears such a sad story I am sorry for the lost of your beautiful baby girl I know my words won't heal the pain but I don't have words to tell how much I'm sorry she is so beautiful I'm so sorry for your lost of your baby girl Stay Strong Kira XXX <3 <3
I can't imagine...  / Skye Australia (Moved-to-tears stranger )
It's almost midnight here & I somehow stumbled in here. I made the mistake of reading the story. Now I can barely see through my tears to type. Such a sad & tragic story which could have been avoided if only one person had done why she said she would do.
For Baby Girl Haylee Girl  / Kira Atkinson (None)
Hi Sweet Baby Girl it Kira I just wanna say is I do feels some of your pain it to painful for me to wite out on here but as you know I'm still thinking of you I Love You More Much Alway <3 <3
I'm so sorry  / Elizabeth Snyder (none)
I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful little girl I know no words can take the pain away but I can say that you are very strong people I don't know what I would do if I was to lose one of my children I remember it was just a few weeks ago that we buried my brother's 6 week old son and a few months ago when we buried my sister's couple of hour old baby and I just kept looking at them and thinking to myself what would I do and how amazing they are to be strong enough to bury their children and still be strong enough to be there for their other children.  I am just so sorry it is not right for parents to have to bury their children.
Happy Birthday Baby Girl  / Kira Atkinson (Friend of angel Judith Barsi )
Happy Birthday Baby Girl The Website Was Not Working On Your Birthday And I Was Getting Ready For School So I Did Not Have Time To Say Happy Birthday So Happy Birthday Baby Girl And I Hope You Had A Bless Birthday I Love You More Much Your Forever Be A Part Of My Life x
Thank you baby girl for chargeing me  / Kira Atkinson (Friend to Judith Barsi angel )
Hello baby girl I witeing this tribute to tell you how much you have charged me I dont know how you charged me was it your beautiful Blue Eyes or was it your beautiful sweet Little heart or was the sweet love you had for you wonderful beautiful family I have so many ? That I know baby girl that won't get answered sweet baby girl I have a place in my heart where I keep you in that place forever at night before I go to sleep I whisper to you I say I love you more much Haylee girl and then I go to sleep and when you visit me in dreams I have a smlie on my face. Thank You Baby Girl For Chargeing Me You Such a SweetHeart . still be a beautiful sweet angel you are Thank You For Chargeing Me I Love You More Much baby girl and alway will <3 <3
Yesterday at the pool  / Amy Pinter (Friend)

Yesterday, I took my two girls to swim at the YMCA for a couple hours. We were having a great time and of course I was constantly watching my kids, and everyone else around me.

A blond hair blue eyed little girl came up to us as we were swimming in the four foot part of the pool. You could tell she could barely touch the bottom and was bouncing around on her tip toes. She had beautiful blue Haylee eyes. I smiled at her and then asked if she was okay? You could tell she was not being supervised by anyone! She "swam" to the side the best she could.

I asked her where her mommy was. She shrugged her shoulders. I asked her how old she was, she said four. I called the lifeguard over and told her she was in this pool all by herself unsupervised!! He got her out of the pool and told her to take him to her mommy.

The next part is what makes me sick to my stomach! Her mother was sunbathing in a lawn chair with her eyes shut with no care in the world on the other side of the pool. It took all I had not to go over and give her a piece of my mind. I let the lifeguard do his job.

I have to say that 6 years ago,  before I learned about Haylee, I was not as aware as I am around water. Now I watch my kids AND everyone else in the pool. Before I probably wouldn't have noticed this little girl and just been focused on my own children. But now, I keep my Haylee Bracelet on and my eyes open!

This little girl could've gone down in seconds! Thank God she didn't!

As I read all the drownings in the paper this summer, please know there are just as many people trying to prevent them! (and hopefully do prevent some)

Thank you for making so many people aware of just how quickly a drowning can happen, silently, with people all around!!!


Blessings and Hugs!

Amy Pinter


My thought goes to you  / Kira Atkinson (None but I care )
I'm so sorry she was beautiful I can't imagine the pain your in but your being strong which I think it would be hard for me to be strong if I ever lose a child I feel your pain each & everyday I'm forever thinking of you Haylee girl will forever be in my heart if you ever need some to talk to find me on Facebook it Kira Atkinson I live in the UK but I still here for you thinking of you I love you more much from Kira
Hey Baby girl  / Kira Atkinson (Someone who care )
Baby girl I love you more much Each & Everyday not a day goes by that I don't think of you your forever be MeMaw sweet Angel & your Mommy Baby Girl I will remember you forever My heart goes to you Sonya & MeMaw & Sherry just know that I love you and alway will x <3 <3
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