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I'm so sorry  / Kira Atkinson (Someone who care )
Im so sorry she was a beautifu child you are so bless to have her your daughter & & grandaughter sending my love & hugs to you alway thinking of you hope you get the messages just know that I love you Sonya & MeMaw & sherry
My heart goes to you forever  / Kira Atkinson (Someone who care )
My heart goes to you to stay with you forever she was Beauitful child you are bless to have her as your daughter now she your precious angel thinking of you
Im so sorry  / Kira Atkinson (Someone who care )
I'm so sorry for your lost she was beautiful she has forever charge me I'm thinking of you forever
New Photo Blends for Haylee  / Shelli Stuart (Family Friend )

I just want to say that after 6 years, the pain your family is still in, the pain that I've watched INCREASE with time, is so hard to witness.  To want to be able to help them so bad and to be powerless is so frustrating...  to want to be able to give you your life back...  I wish so bad that I could do that for you, Haylee.  The only thing I can do is remember you every day and love you and your family every day.  


and the next one is a re-colored pic:


and another re-colored pic:









6th ANGELVERSARY: More much pain  / Eva Mercedesz To Her Lil Angel Friend (lil friend )
Haylee's 6th Angelversary

I wasn't home the last two days

but I felt a sword in my heart
I felt a lot of pain

I thought of you looking the sky
through every clouds
I hoped to see you to say "Hi!"

To Haylee dear, so pretty so cute
six years ago
the destiny has shoot

The destiny has shoot to her time in this World
we are sad, we are alone
now our souls are enshrounded by a veil of cold



you lill friend
Eva Mercedesz

A Visit From MY Angel  / S. Ojukwu (A touch friend from Ca )
A Visit From My Angel There's an little angel that came into my life one day , & Oh' how sweet and beautiful she was that I must say, from her warm touch to her sweet presence that can light a room, I believe her name was Haylee from what I had assume, my heart automatically fell in love & my eyes cried a tear, she touch my hand and smile and said always have no fear, she had a light around her that took my breath away, but I stayed speechless and mute without a thing to say, she whispered" i'm your guardian angel sent here to protect you", and i'm here to ease your stress with everything your going through, I replied by smiling with such a big loving heart, she smiled back and said if you ever need me were not that far apart, she told me to do her a favor and send her love to her mom, and don't forget her dad, brother and her loving me-maw, I politely agreed as she decided to make her way, I remember thinking I hope My Angel will come back again some day. By S. Ojukwu This poem is Dedicated To The Most Beautiful Angel Ever Miss Haylee Mazzella....Continue To Rest In paradise were you will always be young, healthy & beautiful..Free From Crime and Harm.. continue to stay safe in our father's arms...and to know that we all will see you again some day keeps a smile upon everyone's face.....keep watching over your beautiful family sweetheart and send kisses to everyone who misses you...and may god bless u & everyone attached to you
Haylee is always here  / Shannon
For 5 years, 8 months and 23 days, your loving family has suffered and those that love them have had to watch, helplessly. We try to help but we know we cannot bring you back to your family, Haylee Girl. We feel powerless and incompetent. We are sad that you are gone. We cry tears for you and your family. We all know that you are up above in heaven, dancing tenderly with your angel friends and Pop. But life for your family was so much better knowing that you were safe in their arms, instead. We all have such a physically powerful love for you. Most of us thought it was impossible to love someone if you had never met them. But you have proven us wrong and we KNOW that we will see you one sweet day. We are thankful that we got to know you, but wish it wasn’t through death. I know you can see how many lives you have changed. You continue to change lives every day. We adore you Haylee. You are amazing. To honor you and keep your memories alive, we will persist to make you tribute videos, write poems for you, make picture edits, talk about you, tell others about you and most importantly, help to STOP childhood drowning. We will never let life go on without you sweet baby girl. You are ALWAYS here, spiritually – in our minds – in our hearts. Haylee Danyelle Mazzella will ALWAYS be here.
You should be over "IT", but what is IT"???  / Janni Nannberg (Friend of Memaw )
It's been 5 1/2 years, you should be over it.
What exactly is "IT"? but do people who have never suffered loss, really know what "IT" is??

     To Us, The Bereaved......

"IT" is five days after the funeral, and your world caves in with reality of the loss.

"IT" is Thanksgiving Day, trying to find something to be thankful for

"IT" is Christmas without the Merry, and New Year without the Happy.

"IT" is your first day back to work, when every minute you are afraid you will burst into tears.

"IT" is Valentine's Day, only this time no heart and flowers to share with them, and your heart is broken.

"IT" is your birthday, and there is no them to celebrate it with.

"IT" is springtime when everything is singing "Let us Rejoice and be Glad", but there is no rejoicing and no glad in your heart.

"IT" is Mother's Day and you sadly remember how happy being a mother made you feel, or how rejoiced with your spouse over the birth.

"IT" is Father's Day and you remember how happy being a father made you feel, or how you rejoiced with spouse over the birth.

"IT" is the 4th of July and the celebration remind you just how little you feel you have to celebrate now.

"IT" is Vacation time, and you just stay home, because there is nowhere to go to, not feeling empty.

"IT" is HaHalloween and you pass candy, but you remember all the memories of the past, happy times together make you sad.

"IT" is seeing milestones in your life progress ans pass, and your loved one is gone, never to share them with.

"IT" is looking at the moon and wondering if they see the same moon like the two of you always did in the past.

"IT" is receining the first wedding invitation to their friend's weddind and knowing that life goes on without your loved one.

"IT" is going back into that church for the first time and remembering, but not remembering and feeling that all eyes are on you.

"IT" is going to another funeral for the first time and feeling yourself shaking all over, too distraught to stay, but unable to leave.

"IT" is doing all the things you always did, plus all the things you had hoped to do together, and doing it all when all of your energy has been used for grieving.

"IT" is being strong when you really feel weak.

"IT" is dealing with all the legality of estates and such when all you want to do is hibernate.

"IT" is a whole big bunch of stuff you didn't ask for, didn't want, and can't even give away.

"IT" is going to the cementary and seeing the monument with their name or even face, and it hits you in the face that

          THIS IS REAL!!!!

"IT" is approaching the first anniversary of their death and reliving it all-oh yes, some things might be better, but the void is

            NO LESS!!!

"IT" is people forgetting Haylee and you cry, and people remembering Haylee and you cry.

"IT" is a future of unknowns and uncertainties and emptiness.

"IT" is in the first glimse of sunrise and your last waking breath, and even finds way to creep into your sleep and your dreams.

So maybe when someone tells you that you should be over "IT" by now, you should tell them what

                 "IT" really is!!!!!
Sonya and loving Memaw, always remember, i always love you...
From ~Barbara~  / ^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~
Merry Christmas in Heaven Haylee Girl  / Elly Miller (Christmas)
Dear Haylee when i heard the first time of you i keep you in my prayers . This Year Its the 6. Christmas without you Baby girl your family will think of you and pray for you love you more mutch haylee girl and mutch more have a great day in heaven with the other angels and watch your family from above we will never forgott you haylee rest in peace merry christmas <3
a lot of xmas hugs to you, my dear haylee!  / Eva (to her lil friend )

Hey Haylee Girl.  / Hollie Warren (Admirer.)
Haylee, l am so touched by your story and wish l had the honor of knowing you in person. I am just a girl touched by your innocence. I think of you all the time my angel. You mean so much to me baby girl. You've opened my eyes. For such a young girl you were thankful and grateful for your family, and l appreciate that. I do feel alot of pain, knowing your not here. I know your watching down on us all, your such a magical girl, and always will be. I'll never forget you Haylee Danyelle Mazzella. Thank you for all you did, you've touched so many lives, your online army is growing all the time! I wish l could take your place, and you could be here, but l can't. Just know, your loved so much, and will be, forever. l'm your biggest admirer. I love you so much. And MeMaw, Sonya, Tommy, Bubba... All of your incredible family. I would like to let you know, if this is okay with you, l'd love to call my daughter Haylee Danyelle, l feel this will be my way of showing her how much she's changed my life, for the better. Xo Hollie
Thinking of YOU....  / Barbara^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~
sweet little haylee  / Kelly Talada (none)
dear haylee,ive been following everything about you on utube...i discovered the story about you when i was searching for comfort and understanding in my own sons passing 11/13/07.its coming up on 4 years now.....i miss my son mathew so much.....watching all the things that your mom has done for u makes me not so sad and gives me hope....your mom has been a great inspiration to me.....i have a daughter of my own her name is meagan shes going to turn 8 on jan 22....she reminds me of u.....she too loves pink and dinosaurs...when we watch your videos your sweetness shines through.....losing a child is the hardest thing ive ever went through i lost two sons in 2007.....mathew 8/2/90 to 11/13/07 and my premature twin son nicholas march 6,2007 to march 17 2007 .....haylee you will always be remembered and always thought of ........thank you god for touching our hearts with haylees smile.......sincerely kelly talada ......
I miss you everyday.  / Inês Costa (Sister)
Everyday we wake up to the emptiness of this world. It isn't the same without you, and truth be told - it will never be again. You were here for such a short time, but you touched millions of lives. I am completely amazed with how outstanding and inspirational your spirit can be, but deeply sadenned by your loss. Everytime I try to tell myself this is only a nightmare, I wake up. I fail to believe it really is happening, yet I long to see your face. Haylee, you're the most beautiful angel in Heaven and the most beautiful little girl that owns my heart. I'll always love and miss you till the day we meet again. Fly High! To the Queen of pink, Inês.
Tribute to a girl l fell in love with.  / Hollie Warren (Admirer)
I never knew Haylee but thank god l've known of her. She's flawless always will be. I cannot imagine your pain of losing this angel. I am so touched l am naming my daughter Haylee Danyelle if that's okay with you. She's always going to be here our little guardian angel. She's touched me so much. I'd like to thank her for that. The little sweetheart was such a princess l hope all the angels are treating her well. I know she's happily playing and being eternally four. Y'all are so lucky to have known her. God bless you all. Sleep well angel. Hollie xo
hola I can not find words to tell you how much this story move my feelings you had a beautiful baby girl i can not stop to read all the comments and see her pictures and all thelove u have for her.. the tatto u got looks beautiful was perfect. As you said God needed an Angel near him and also an Angel who will care for you until u are together again. your story will help us to be aware of our kids and not leave them alone. . . and love them so much every single day. Smile its hard but smile your little Haylee will be so happy to see her mommy smiling and her full family too. Regards and a big hug for u
Drowning awareness month  / Shannon

Haylee Girl – this month augustus is drowning awareness month. Before your tragic accident I wouldn’t have realised the dangers of drowning and the affect it can have on the victim’s families. Unfortunately now I know all too well. I am trying my best to achieve something this month – to raise more awareness in memory of you baby girl. I don’t want another child to drown and I don’t want to see anymore families/friends suffer. Your mommy is the most compassionate and shielding mommy in the world. It happened to her baby girl it can happen to anybody’s. I know that you will help us girls achieve this. We will never give up raising awareness in your name. One child is one too many. You beauty-FULL princess inspire me. I want a heart like yours and even though I will never have a heart like you have I am trying to come even close.

I still have your pink and white love-heart ribbon and your blue and pink flower hair clip. I will always have them safely cherished in my treasure box until I get to give them to you with my own hands. Your strands of hair are still stuck in the ribbon too. You will never be forgotten precious child.

Mommy's birthday is also this month. Wrap your arms around her and send her lots of angel love. <3

Your tribute to Haylee at TT 1.7.11  / Tanya Deacon
I was looking on youtube at TT videos when I saw yours. I was standing fairly near you on the 1st Juli although I didn't know it at the time. I watched your tribute to your beautiful girl and though I am a stranger I wanted to let you know that even on the other side of the world your beautiful angel has touched the hearts of others through your videos. I hope you don't mind I think these are wonderful memories that you have saved on here. I have three children and can not begin to imagine. Much love.
Happy 10th birthday, Haylee...xoxoxoxoxox-o  / Angela (someone who loves her, very much )

Dear Sweet Haylee

Another year has gone by and you are now 10 yrs young! Happy birthday sweet baby girl. I have been writing to you for quite some time now and I find myself thinking about you every single day. What is it about you that draws so many people to you? I think I know...you are a very special little girl who's kindness can be felt by total strangers. Just by reading about you & looking at your pictures its so clear to me that you were wise beyond your years. You show genuine love in every single picture. Its so heartwarming to look at the pictures of you with your family & see how much love there is between all of you!

I never had the pleasure of meeting you but I do feel as though I know you.

Babygirl I hope you had a wonderful party in Heaven with Jesus & all the other little angels! Was Caylee there???? I know you would be great friends with her!

I'm sending you so many hugs & kisses for your birthday & everyday! I love you more much Haylee. Send some kisses to your mommy daddy Brother Bubba & Memaw. They miss you so very much.

              Love forever & a day your friend..Angela

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