Haylee Mazzella "Baby Girl"
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My hero  / Carlota To The Pink Princess
My hero isn't a band singer actor or actress. He doesn't wear a cape and don't have super powers. My hero is four years old and will be forever four.
Her name is Haylee Danyelle Mazzella and died Juni 3 2006 because of an accidental drowning.
She showed me the meaning of life she changed me forever.
Thanks to her I cherish every second as if there wouldn't be another tomorrow. My hero made me a better person.
Thank you Haylee for changing me♥

I love you so much
happy birthday my love, my big eternal love!  / Eva Too Sad For Her Baby Girl (I want you back )

I think of you all time you are in my heart in my mind and in my dreams. I really miss you....more more much...I can't belive this is your 10th birthday.....time passes away but my love for you remains...I want you show all your love to your beautiful family...they need it!

Birthday wishes..  / Hayley Sutton (sweet angel )
Happy Birthday Baby Girl. I think about you everyday but today you've been in my thoughts since the moment I woke up. Mommy Daddy Memaw & Bubba too. Haylee you are so beautiful and so much like Mommy. Did you like your birthday card from me? I tried to find the bestest one for the bestest little girl. Your balloon got stuck in a tree with many attempts I still couldn't reach it. We just need a big gust of wind to let it loose and let it fly up to Heaven. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Always remember that so many people love you and care about you and your family. We will NEVER forget you. Always gonna be your 'internet army'.
Beautiful Little Angel  / Bridgette Saporito (just a mom who sends her love )
I would just like to say that I saw all your Beautiful Pictures and that you have a Beautiful Family. I know that your family was broken but Your little girl will always be with you. I will release a balloon this weekend in honor of you Little Angel in heaven. God Bless You.
I love you Haylee!  / Inês Costa To Our Baby Girl (Sisters at heart )
I love you Haylee. Everyday we miss you more and more. It seems so unreal that you're gone forever and that you're not coming back. I still sit by the door dreaming of your footsteps and your giggles behind it. You were so so happy. The memory I keep of you is of an incredible little girl that loved being kind and loving towards everything and everyone. You loved life and lived it to the fullest. It's hard to understand how so many of us worry about the little things instead of living life like you did. It was only 4 years but it was a good life. I can never doubt that. You knew how to enjoy a day at a time. I want to aspire to be more like you just like your dear mommy wants too. Heaven might be just a theory but I'll see you in memories. No one not death nor destiny can ever replace the memories we hold so deep inside of you. They can never have all the yesterdays your family spent with you. You live on shinning bright in the hearts of those you touched and continue to touch through your legacy. I love you Baby Girl. I will always remember you.
5 years...  / Shannon

Sweet Haylee Girl

I can't believe that you have now been gone for 5 long years? I can remember your 4th angelversary like it were yesterday and your third so clearly. I admire your daddy mommy and memaw so much. Bubba's getting big now huh? He's so handsome. I just wish that I could see pictures of you two together instead of Bubba alone. I know that you are always with him though. I know that you watched Ray Ray graduate from heaven aswell on your 5th angelversary.

I sent you some some photo frames and a little 'love' sticker for your angelversary. One frame reads 'baby girl' and the other reads 'little princess'. So true. They hold your beautiful pictures in them for passers by to admire. Your so pretty.

For now continue to look down and help your family. I love you angel. <3. xxx

5th ANGELVERSARY.....  / Eva Mercedesz (lil friend )

My sweet Darling...I miss you with all my heart and I suffer for you. Five year are passed away and it's incredible to belive....You are gone in heaven I know you are happy and well but it's not enough. I would you HERE near your family.


Perfection in Heaven  / Julie Angeli (mourner)

Words cannot express my empathy for Haylee and her dear family. I do not have any kids of my own yet as I am only 24 and still in school to be a NICU nusrse. I am very saddened by the way Ms. Haylee suddenly went. She is in Heaven because God wanted special help. He needed perfection there and he wanted Haylee to make it so. Haylee is the reason why the sun shines so bright in the clear blue sky. She is the reason those double rainbows frequent Earth. Haylee watches over the innocent baby animals  just as wholesome...like her angelic face was. She is the only child I feel sorry God took. Her story is upsetting...and I am sorry to say I am not a kid person I am more of an avid animal carer. However Haylee's story is just so touching my eyes water and ears get red from thinking about that irresponsible individual at fault for this precious angel's fate. She is the only child that tears my heart into pieces  when thinking about that catastrophe of day.

When I am a nurse helping those babies stay alive I know Haylee will  be there giving me a helping hand....helping those babies be strong and willed . Thank you for shedding light on how precious every moment in life is. Haylee will never be forgotten... 

I miss you my pink Baby Girl!  / Eva Mercedesz (lil friend )

God Imiss you
always do
some days far more than others.

Today I needed you
but i know it can never be so
we are not meant for one another
we are entrusted to others close.

The times when we know
we would be good together
can never be.

The times when we know
we should be together
can never be.

Wherever you are
whatever you're doing
whoever you're with
know im out there
thinking and dreaming of the
next time I can can hold your face
in my hands and look in your soul
utter nothing
but say so very much.

God Her I missed you today
You are my all
my soulmate my everything.
Reach for me soon
for your dreamer misses you x

Never Forgotten  / Paula Dufrene (Nurse)
I thought of you today- You will never be forgotten
Deep Regrets  / Jessenia Baez

I just want to let you know how much this website has made me change i know enjoy every single second of my kids i never take anything for granted. Dont ever feel guilty it was not your fault and you just trusted somebody to watch your child. I dont know how it feels to lose a child but i can imagine that is such a great pain that you cant explain if you ever need to talk to somebody just to talk you can contact me anytime. You were such a great mother and no one will ever take that from you. I'm sorry that you have to go thru this pain and i wish you the best and dont forget god is always taking care of you and haylee.

                                                Love Always

                                                             Jessenia B.


Haylee / Kristie Hyde
You were a gift sent straight from Heaven. Given to us from God above. We didn't know how much you would teach us About the meaning of true love... For true love sometimes means letting go Of someone precious and dear. That is what we were forced to do... Although we wanted to keep you here!!! However this is quite a selfish wish. One we know we should ignore... But sweet HAYLEE we truly do believe That God must have needed you more... Perhaps to be an Angel now Full of wisdom and love... Watching over those of us who love you From the shining stars above. We miss you more than you can know. You will never be replaced... In our hearts and memories forever Will be your sweet and innocent sleeping face.
MERRY XMAS!  / Evamercedesz To Her Angel
Merry Xmas


She has a friend in Heaven  / Heather Gately (none)
I am one who can realte to how you feel. I read your words and thought to myself Wow that is exactly how I have felt. The world moves on and I am alone to feel this pain. Do I say I have 4 children or 5 for sake of having to explain? Then feeling guilty when I say 4. I am so sorry for your loss Haylee was a jewel! I can tell by her pictures. She actually looks a little like my daughter who is 5 now. My Ava would be 4 1/2 and although the circumstances of their passing differs A parent having to burying their baby holds a pain that only another who has done the same can understand. I wish you peace in knowing that she lives on in you! Love and prayers to your family. Heather Gately
"Happy Halloween"  / Barbara^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~
A hug for your mom.  / Dana H. (touched by your story, your mom's sadness )

Haylee you are such a gorgeous little girl and I am so sad for your mommy right now that my heart just hurts for her and for your family.  I do not know all of you I kind of stumbled upon your story and then this lovely website made just for you.  You had a lot of love around you and you still do! 

I feel really bad for your mom I cannot imagine how hard this has been for her.  I wanted to pay my respects and send prayers and hugs her way.  No one should have to go through something like that...and it doesn't make any sense.  So your mom and everyone is left with a huge hole inside that hurts more than I'll ever know.  I just wanted to let you and Mommy know that someone was touched by your story and I'm going to keep you all in thoughts and prayers.  Your mommy can write to me anytime if she needs someone to talk with.  Wishing lots of love and light for your family.





To a beautiful angel <3  / Eva Mercedesz To Her Dino (friend)

Happy Halloween

ALWAYS thinking of YOU!!  / Barbara^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~
Barbara ^i^Caroline Scanlon's Nana  / Precious Haylee!! I'm......
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