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I hope you can see the love for you, angel.  / Hayley Sutton (someone who loves you more much )

Hello Baby Girl

            I heard that when you speak out loud directly to a loved one they can hear you. I really hope this is true and you've heard everything I've said. I do believe you can somehow see all this glowing love for you on this cold Earth. And I do believe you are still the beautiful happy little Haylee that your family remember you as. As I write I speak the words outloud so if you cannot see this then hopefully you can hear everything i'm saying. I just wanted to tell you how much you are truly loved. You will be remembered everyday to all of those who's lives you have touched in such a huge way. We love you so much Haylee and I hope your having a lot of fun up there! I'll still continue to look up to the sky and tell you i love you and i'll try my best to help your family honour and remember your sweet 4 years. I love you pretty girl. xxxx

Sweet Angel Haylee xx  / Tish Sparkes (Keeping Haylee's Memory Alive )

Haylee Danyelle Mazzella...

You are truly the sweetest child ive ever come across. You instantly flew straight into my heart and that is where you'll stay for eternity. You have changed my life in so many ways and im so thankful and i look forward to the day i meet you in Heaven. I keep pictures of you all over my room so i know you're always there with me.

I was honoued to receive your little yellow hairclip Haylee! It's the most precious thing i have ever received. I keep it in a small pink & sparkly box next to your beautiful pictures.

I always talk about you at school and you have captured some of my friend's hearts too. My friends Bethany & Alexa wear pink bracelets just like i do to show that we love more each day.

I write about you in my school work and several teaches have been shocked by your story. I write your sweet name in my school folders. I want to keep your memory alive in as many ways as i can.

Lately ive been listening to the song "There You'll Be" and i just cannot stop looking at you when i hear that song. It reminds me so much of you. All the lyrics are so true in the way that i feel about you.

Whenever i see a pink sky i know its your spirit coming to see me. I talk to you Baby Girl i hope you can hear me tell you how much i love you and thankful i am to have you in my life.

Till i see the pink sky again Haylee i send you billions of kisses

ALL my love Hugs from England

Tish xx

Its just like part of you is still here.  / Shannon

Haylee -- I treasure your ribbon more than I can explain. It's like a part of you is still in my treasure box where you ribbon and your hairclip lie. I wish that you where here so bad so I could tie them in your hair and clip back your baby hairs then tell you how beautiful you look. I wish I could play with you and create dinosaur scenes with you and then twirl together. I wish that I could hold you hand and take you too the shop too get some candy.

How I wish.

The ribbon looks so much better in your hair sweetheart.

Well baby girl I promise you that when I fly too heaven myself I will put your ribbon and clip back in your hair and I will tell you how beautiful you are.


For now angel -- keep twirling in heaven with all those angels. Im sure Pop is holding you tightly. I love you "more much"...

Bad things happen too good people..  / Shannon

I should really change the title too "terrible" things happen too the most wonderful people in the world.


Sonya lost her baby girl Tommy lost his princess MeMaw lost her girl her buddy Bubba lost his sissy Shelby lost her best friend and cousin. I always ask myself why? Why did these amazing people have too loose Haylee someone who was so important in their lifes. Everytime I end up in the same position -- not being able too find an answer. Meibe when I fly too heaven myself I will be able too find out.

Why should a perfectly healthy innocent little girl with a love for life be taken from this world?

Sweet angel -- Haylee Danyelle. Forever in my heart and my mind forever and always until I see you in heaven when it is my turn too leave. I hope you are loved just as much in heaven as you were on earth. Im sure you are the sweetest angel in the sky. Love you.


"Thinking of YOU""  / Barbara^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~










I love you  / Hayley (sweet angel )

Haylee Girl whats heaven like?. It will be even more beautiful now having you there. You are the prettiest little girl to walk this earth and now heavens finiest angel. I love you more much forever and always. I wish I could see pictures of you now aged 9 wearing your sweet orange ribbon. But very sadly I cant. So for now I will take great care of it for you. Just holding it makes me feel as though your wonderful spirit is somehow still there. I love you Baby Girl xox.



More Haylee Photo Blends <3  / Shelli (Family Friend )


Thinking of YOU!!  / Barbara^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~
How I miss you, and how I think of you, everyday!  / Shannon Clarke (together at heart )
Haylee how can it be that you are still gone? We want you too come back we want to see your beautiful eyes and your adorable smile. We want to see you running around digging for worms playing with Shelby and Bubba and wearing your sweet ribbons. Dont worry angel Ive got your ribbon at my house. Its all safe and it still has some of your hair stuck in it! I will treasure it forever now I will keep it safe forever until I see you in heaven. Ill put it back in your hair and your little blue hairclip which is also at mine. What treasures of you Haylee girl. I wonder who you'd be today. I dont think you could get anymore beautiful but I bet you look even more beautiful with those big sparkly wings huh? I bet all the angels admire you and your beauty and your beautiful soul just like us! I hope they love you like we do. Your perfect angel and until I see you in heaven I will never stop remembering you and treasuring you in my heart. I love you angel-baby. love from Shannon xxxx
Thinking of YOU & U'r angel 2-day!!  / Barbara^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~
Part 3 Haylee Photo Blends (Bubba too <3)  / Shelli (Family Friend )

Thinking of YOU & U'r angel 2-day!!  / Barbara^i^ Caroline Scanlon's ~Nana~
More Haylee Photo Blends and Bubba, too <3  / Shelli (Family Friend )


Haylee Photo Blends  / Shelli (Family Friend )

Made these for you Haylee Girl <3

My angel Haylee, never to be 9th birthday!  / Maria Gracia To My Angelic Sweet Baby Haylee Girl!

Haylee Danyelle Mazzella  Juli 13th 2001 - Juni 3rd 2006

Baby Girl!

I love you ! I miss you! I saw your 9th birthday videos on youtube and when I saw your video saying - mommy Im holding Bubba nearly made me cry. I have never met you but yet I miss you and when I think of you I wish you could be here to celebrate your birthday to play with Bubba and to be with family and friends. Haylee girl I wonder how is heaven and I just know is a wonderful place where the princess of heaven ( Haylee Danyelle Mazzella) is. They have made more than a 1000 videos on youtube and I watch them when I can and think about you and wish I could take out the pain and grieving of your family. I cant imagine how does your mommy feels without you and how she has to survive this life for her tommy Bubba and Memaw. I remember one video that says Happy 9th heavenly birthday to you Haylee and when it said - dont worry about me almost made me cry I just can wish you a wonderful beautiful birthday in Heaven. 9 years ago an angel came from heaven and 4 years the same angel went back to heaven with her wings. Life was pink when you were born and now is gray. So many people love you and miss you Haylee girl. I miss you so much and I pray for your mommy to feel better and try to survive without you baby.

I miss you so much baby girl everything seems to go on in life but since I saw your videos on youtube I cant go on a day without thinking about you.


We all miss you baby girl one day we will see you in Heaven.

Maria Gracia

Love for You  / Bobbie Cothern (Friend to Haylee's Mo )
Sonja I see why you loved Haylee so much. She is and was such a Beautiful Little One. Try to remember that God Loves His Little Children and that Haylee is with him now and she is looking down and saying Momma Daddy and Bubba I am having a great time in Heaven and am waiting for the day that you all can meet again. Remember she is forever in your Hearts. You know that all of us from Compassionate Friends are with you whenever you need us. All you have to do it call and say so. We all Love You and Your Family. I enjoyed seeing you and meeting your Mom at the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival. Glad to see you were enjoying yourselves. You know that is what Haylee wanted you to do. She is a very special Little Lady. Love YOU Bobbie Brandi's Mom Forever 2/20/78 to 9/17/07
Happy 9th birthday Haylee Danyelle Mazzella!!!  / Maria Gracia To Sweet Haylee Baby Girl! (friend)

                                    Haylee Danyelle Mazzella

                                                baby girl

                                   Juli 13. 2001 - Juni 3rd 2006

                                              forever four

Haylee girl!

yesterday was your 9th birthday in Heaven sometimes I wish I could imagine you as a 9-yr old but I know you are forever four! You are the princess of Heaven and forever dancing around thhe angels I hope Pop is spoling you baby!ç

Your mommy misses you so much you know she is heartbroken and such a sad sad sad person without you I hope you can help mommy to pass through all this pain. She is shattered without you. You are the sunshine of Memaw she misses you so much she wishes you could be here celebrating your 9th birthday as me and so many people wish. Bubba misses his sissy and he cant play with you anymore :C

We all miss you baby girl and want you home. If I was Sonya I dont know what would I do.

We all hope you pass a nice birthday in Heaven. 9 years ago an angel came from Heaven to Earth and 4 years ago an angel went back to heaven in the wings of another angel

We miss you baby girl one day we will see you!

Maria Gracia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYLEE SAURUS  / Eva Mercedesz &. Curious George To Our Best Friend (lil friend & stuffed friend )

Haylee's 9th birthday  / Angela Stolz

If I could visit Heaven

here is what I'd do

I'd run and find sweet Haylee

and bring her back to you.

The family that she loves so much

Is never far away

They're always with her in her heart

And there they will remain.

Happy 9th birthday to Haylee girl!

You are an inspiration for all of us.

You have taught us to love with your beautiful smile and your kind heart. Love to you always sweetie!

I love you "more much" Haylee xoxo

Love alway's Angela

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